Katya Rasskazova

Faded: VFX Short Film

Bachelor of Design 3D animation Compositing Character Animation Video Moving Image Narrative
AD20 Award
Adobe Creative Award
For Creative use of Software

My project is a VFX Short Film with integrated CG creatures, aimed at a young audience. The main character is a chameleon who is embarrassed of his bright and unusual color. He tries to make friends with groups of other small animals by copying their colors, however his attempts are futile. He gives up and embraces his individuality and to his surprise, other creatures start approaching him first. I wanted to show the importance of being unique and authentic through creating a fun little story.


The aim of the project was to investigate the importance of color in visual storytelling. I tried to use color as a tool to express the characters’ emotion and personality and to make the narrative more clear.  Due to the lack of dialogue or facial expressions, I’m heavily relying on this technique in order to convey the message of the film. Over the course of this project I had the opportunity to study color psychology in detail, analyze case studies and to apply the gained knowledge to my own work. From the technical perspective, the main aim of the project was to familiarize myself with the VFX pipeline and engage in every step of the filmmaking process. I wrote my own story and designed the characters, spending the rest of the 7 months making them in 3D and putting the film together, which was a very valuable learning experience.