Paul Yu


Bachelor of Design Compositing Rotoscoping Video Moving Image Photography Environmental Storytelling Narrative Environment Realism

A Short Visual Effects Film

Abstract: This is a Visual Effect project focuses on telling a story of a sorrowful person who overcomes their past to keep moving forward. The project explores the cinematic and visual effect to enhance the narrative. The aim of my project is to remind the audiences about a message of overcoming their emotions of sadness. I explored different emotions though colours and actions of my actors. My research question, “How can sorrowful emotions be a part of human natural empathic response, when presented though cinematography and VFX”.

Project Description: A short cinematic film that explores the emotional elements using camera techniques, colours, symbolism and music. I have created my own cinematic experience in the hopes on expressing my perspective of a visual effect narrative. The focus of my project is the cinematic environments, representation of emotions in colours and realism in the CG and simulations. The projects has been created used different kinds of software and hardware like the Blackmagic/Canon Cameras, Jib Arm, Dolly, Gimbal, Maya, Houdini, Nuke, and Davinci Resolve.