Jane Lee

a moment

Bachelor of Visual Arts Moving Image Painting

This series of artworks titled, A Moment, consist of one pentaptych, two paintings and one moving image. These artworks embody the mortality and fragility of the human condition. I am interested in wilted flowers that are losing their freshness and decaying. I have chosen a white rose as my subject matter, which evokes ideas of purity, life, a new beginning, and an end. It metaphorically represents human vulnerability, weakness, and death. All of these artworks are based on my curiosity about why I paint in a way that is the linked to the photographs I take. I treat the paint as a tactile medium rather than a medium that illustrates an image. I consider and explore different qualities of fluidity, viscosity, lightness, mark-making, and the density of constructed layers of oil paint, cold wax medium, watercolour paint, watercolour pencil, charcoal, and oil pastel. My painting techniques include constructing thick layers of paint and then scraping them back to reveal the bottom layers. This method implies time and emphasises life and death, and our physical changes as time passes.

The video component of A Moment references 'Soaking in His Presence'; “3 HOURS // INSTRUMENTAL SOAKING WORSHIP // BETHEL MUSIC MARMONY.” YouTube video, 3:13:13. 29 Dec, 2017. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx1MjhzKcYw