Henk Tomkins

A New Hope

Bachelor of Visual Arts Painting

My practice explores the relationships between eclectic subjects and environments through print and paint processes and experimentation. Thinking about he viewers stance allows me to witness interactions between different imagery, relationships, and conditions. The criticality lies with how the context of imagery and time can overlap within a space. I cannot influence what I think when I see, but how may I influence how I perceive?

Printing apparatus has enabled new possibilities for painting. My works exist as expressions of situations, derived and materialised from a diverse collection of images through a collaboration with printing mechanisms. Familiar and unfamiliar imagery such as architecture, botany, celebrity snaps, and family photos are employed in my work to merge contexts and reimagine an image’s original purpose.

A repurposed image has the ability to understand new frames of reference in recontextualisation. My practice lies within this interaction of contexts and aims to use colour, composition, and scale to create a new narrative.