Jennifer Wesseling


Bachelor of Visual Arts Painting

In my studio practice, the creation of the work is just as important as the result. I make a connection to my work in order to channel out emotions, thoughts, and feelings. I do this by experimenting with different thickness, fluidity, and transparency of mediums. During this process, I search for marks or shapes that I like and want to build upon. The work may shift and take on many layers until it feels complete. The process is about gravitating toward colours, textures, tools and marks that resonate with me.

My practice consists of large scale, gestural, abstract paintings and drawings. I am exploring the relationship between the subconscious mind, body and tool. I communicate this through lines, optical effects and chaotic compositions. It is a reflection of within, what I see when I close my eyes and dream. I understand the world around me through lines, shapes and textures which I come across in my daily life. This gets channeled into my work. The process of creating is being able to get into an intuitive state, letting my subconscious mind guide my body, which in turn guides the tools. I’m interested in the intricacy of the line, as well as the expressive quality.