Lana Anderson


Bachelor of Visual Arts Mixed Media Painting Art & Technology

The Fragility Of Life

Through the use of brilliant colours, text, and symbols, my art work explores the notions of mortality, life, and death with a comedic parallel. Exploring the macabre as a humorous and lighthearted instrument in painting practise. Images of street art and neo-expressionism, as well as learning about human anatomy, are derived and materialised.

Through the use of vibrant colours, text and symbols, my art practice explores the notions of mortality with a comedic parallel exploring the macabre as a humorous and playful instrument in painting. My inspiration is from street art, neo-expressionism, and Grey's Anatomy, which has sparked my fascination with the human body and has influenced the materialisation of these artworks. Death is symbolised by skeletons and skulls, which serve as a sharp reminder of our mortality. In the field of creativity, they are symbols of transformation and a sign of rebirth in various cultures and religions. My art reflects an expressive and illustrative approach through drawing's symbolism, and colour selections demonstrate how I deal with my emotions through comedy. While everyone grieves in their own way, I find that seeking humour and expressing it through my creative art form enables me to put the situation in perspective. As street art has channeled my practise, I am interested in experimenting with different scales and types of materials through upscaling my work because it allows the viewer to have a more immersive experience.

I aim to replicate the same impression as street art and the larger scale allows another opportunity for this comparison. I combine mixed media, expressionism, graffiti, text, and human anatomy in a series of works on canvas and unstretched. I have also become increasingly aware of how colour contrast interacts with the structure of an image and provides visual emphasis in relation to the viewer's curiosity and response.