Claudia Jimenez


Bachelor of Design Event Design Performance Place

A Temporary Night Club within Tāmaki Makaurau

The cultivation of house concerts have boomed over the past year in New Zealand within the music scene, while other countries have suffered. This over saturation of artists pouring into a covid free country performing every weekend has left people not appreciating the opportunities to immerse themselves in enjoyable environments just to see a popular artist. Upon research of Fort Lane, in particular Imperial Lane, this space is revealed as a pocket of activity which I wanted to enhance even more. I am proposed a series of 6 events to occur over the span of a calendar year setting up a rhythm. An intimate gig that is free to attend. To bring over an artist  for a paid gig, however it is for a crowd of die hard fans. As a part of my series I would like to put on concerts for die hard fans of the 1986 Music Label featuring Halogenix, Spectrasoul, Visages, Monty, Workforce and Alix Perez. The 1985 record label produces liquid, minimal drum and bass genre of music. 1985 is a platform for forward thinking electronic music basing its roots in 170 / 85 BPM and beyond.

Enhancing the cinematic, complete immersion of colour, light and projection for those who enter. Located within Imperial Lane, shutting off Fort-Lanes entrance, entering through Queen St., you are transformed into another universe. Aimed at anyone who loves drum and bass. My passion for attending events drove my project as I wanted to create a space that attendees would never forget. It features a mesh box, situated and raised. My designed liquid light video will be projected on my mesh box. An artist within it, playing their set as concert-goer's walk beneath, hearing the music's bass as well as liquid light projections filling the room. This disconnect and separation being created between the artist and the crowd is an exciting idea at play. This same disconnect is prevalent in movies with the audience and the film. My design is a new way of experiencing a drum and bass gig; usually, it's all about the music but adding this element of light loops being displayed all-round, the artist creates an atmosphere. This idea of slighting shutting or minimising visibility is quite an exciting experience and interaction within the space of a concert.