Abdul Khalaf

Ashen's Vow

Bachelor of Design 2D animation Action Game Character Animation Encounter Design Game Design Indie Game Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

A frantic top-down 2d post apocalyptic shooter.

In Ashen's Vow, you play as Ashen, a young girl seeking vengeance after her planet is razed by alien invaders. In this top-down 2D experience, explore the ancient ruins of your homeworld and choose your own approach to combat. Ashen can dash, slash, shoot, blast, blow up, impale and concuss her enemies with a wide array of tools and weapons. Dance violently with your foes across the battlefield, as a wide variety of enemy combinations and tactical scenarios demand strategic decisions and fast reflexes.

  • 8+ weapons and powers that can be upgraded and mastered
  • 10+ Enemy types with endless combinations to keep you on your toes
  • A shattered, post-apocalyptic world hides a treasure, unfriendly faces, and forgotten powers.
  • Discover the fate of your people, mow down hordes of alien scum, and banish them forever.