Olivia Lee

Beauty of Korean Culture

Bachelor of Design Human Centred Design Illustration Packaging Print Design Publication Typography Health and wellbeing Prototype User-centred


Pado is a Korean skincare brand that highlights the experience, the story, the culture, and the nature of Jeju island. Pado intends to encourage women between the ages 25-30 to stay happy and to be confident and comfortable in their natural beauty.

As Pado is targeted towards women who are busy taking care of their personal well-being. They are aware that unremoved makeup or wearing masks can ruin the skin and build up stress that is difficult to relieve. Pado comes in three types of skincare products designed to reduce the time of application: Pado Essence, Yuja Serum and Camilla Flower Moisturising Cream. All using three main ingredients to represent the beautiful island of Jeju itself. The main purpose of the advertisement is to create a sense of tranquillity similar to that found in Jeju.