Chantelle Boxall

BEEO Cybersecurity

Bachelor of Design Human Centred Design Interaction Web Technology User-centred
AD21 Award
Head of School Award
For outstanding academic performance in Interaction Design

It's how the world works now.

BEEO is the next generation of privacy and device protection that brings the control back to the people. For a modern world where your information is precious. Keep your devices safe from invisible threats with the BEEO Desk Companion and it's accompanying digital Dashboard.

Everyone has the right to data protection.

Protection is assurance. And assurance is often derived from something that is always present. This is introduced in BEEO as he is a desk companion. His main purpose is to act as an intermediary and be a reminder that there is still a barrier between the real and online world no matter how seamless the two have become.

BEEO is the personification of protecting the way we engage with, access, and view the ever-changing technological landscape of the modern era. With cyber threats constantly evolving, it can be a challenge to recognise and even remember that how we use the internet impacts not only our growth as individuals- but also that the devices we use daily, contain a lot of information about ourselves, and more specifically our location, behaviours, history, and personality. This information has become a very valuable currency. It is also the case that this very information is just as easily accessible to others. It is this shift in power over how one can control their personal privacy that has empowered the creation of a physical cybersecurity companion; BEEO.

BEEO acts to uphold what he stands for, therefore he is not an AI. The product does not collect or store information in any way. It is simply a visible component that displays the status of a device's security in the present moment. A Cyber Guardian. Keeping unwanted things out and the information you want to protect, in.

You Own It. You Control It.

Mental models have shifted from a buyer's mentality to a borrower's benefit. Just as you used to be able to buy Adobe products one time only rather than rent, the same thing has happened with both the music and film industries. While more convenient to update as technologies progressed. The sense of ownership and control has been diminished. This is why cybersecurity should have a physical component. You bought it- so it's yours to keep.