Jacob Cook


Bachelor of Visual Arts Photography Sculpture Art & Technology
AD21 Award
Auckland Art Gallery Award
For High Achievement

Analogue practices in both photography and sculpture allow me to explore the materiality of media that is now often presented through digital means. I am interested in the growth of pop culture and the influence that its objects, images, practices, and messages have on society. My research process exposes pop culture artefacts of the 1970s, and 1980s and the processes used to make them. My practice explores how these things have been presented in media and the style in which they have been depicted, which references people's personal photographs, television, music videos, and merchandise. I explore the techniques used to create them or present them, through emulation and recreation at a time where digital processes dominate equivalent contexts.

I find myself drawn to areas of pop culture that I am currently embedded in or have been at some point, in this instance it is Doctor Who. Blackpool focuses on latex prop making, as well as museum sensibilities, within the context of Doctor Who during the 70s and 80s. These are a collection of masks that are recreations of some of the props used in Doctor Who during that era, presented in a series of photographs. These artworks explore the style of character masks that emerged from the BBC Visual FX Department, the eventual display of these props, the public engagement with them, and the images that emerged as a result. These analogue ways of representing the future are worth reflecting on in a time where we need to reimagine our future.