Emma Riddell


Bachelor of Design Audio Environmental Storytelling Game Design Interactive Procedural Generation Unreal Engine Education Non-narrative

An interactive experience, through a New Zealand environment

Boardwalk is aimed to answer the research question “How can I create a HD video game environment that's visually appealing in order to teach the player about the conservation of New Zealand native fauna and flora?” as well as to provide a tranquil experience, perhaps a small escape from the everyday rush of life.

Boardwalk is aimed to educate anyone and everyone of the importance of conservation and to show off our beautiful native New Zealand environment. Through visually showing the beauty of the environment and placing players into their own tranquil world the appreciation will be enhanced, as you can experience it for yourself, this method of visual storytelling is much more effective than getting a pamphlet of information for example. My aim was to use the highly influential digital platform of video gaming to get an important message across. In the game you are able to walk around and experience the environment, as well as learn about it and interact with specific objects in the game.