Lia Antonets

Brave Travel App

Bachelor of Design App Prototype

Brave - Making relocating abroad easy

My project explored the difficulties of relocating abroad, taking into account the current COVID-19 pandemic. My target audience were young adults 18 to 25 who are moving to a different country but have no previous experience. After completing a series of interviews, I found the main pain point to be switching between tabs and platforms, while users desired to have all needed information in one place.

In designing the Brave app I focused on presenting the user with tasks and customized information based on a series of questions they answer during the onboarding process. Tasks take the user from finding out more about the country and applying for a visa to packing and shipping their belongings. Through a series of user tests I was able to make this process clear and concise. Once the user arrives at their destination they are able to switch the app into the second mode, which presents them with dining suggestions, public transport maps, information on health insurance, marriage etc.

Even without challenges and restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, relocating abroad is a stressful task. I aimed to explore necessary tasks, and create a platform which curates them in a simple way, making it easy for the users to plan and complete their move without the usual stress of this process.