Jaeyong Heo


Bachelor of Design 3D animation Character Animation Video Visual Effects Imagined Futures Science Fiction

Always charge your battery

Charging is a 3D animation film featuring futuristic robots having conflict over a charger. It was a project that paid a lot of attention to the design of the characters and 3D layouts. I Tried to focus on communicating with the audience as a visual rather than a narrative.

The Charging was inspired by Wall-E made by Pixar studio. Rather than giving a message, I focused on making a short film that children could easily understand and enjoy, such as Disney and Ghibli movies that I liked since I was young. This project was created experimentally based on the experiences I had in the first and second grades. It was a challenging project but I wanted to test myself as a 3D generalist. Modelling, texturing, rigging and animation were done in Blender.