Emma Parkes


Bachelor of Design Craft Identity Illustration Photography Publication Health and wellbeing Narrative Play

A Nostalgic Kiwiana Escape to Childhood

A visual narrative immersing the audience in an escape from responsibility by reconnecting young adults with their inner child. The aim is to provide an explorative journey of stepping away from the stress of adulthood, escaping into the beautifully playful imagination that I associate with kiwi childhood. The treatment of this project will create this experience through a well-known communicative language of kiwi icons, imagery, and characters, sharing the kiwi-ness that makes up who I am and who we are as a small nation at the bottom of the world. An eagerness for playfulness and time to reconnect with oneself is so important, and through an adult's inner child, one can unlock imagination and play once again, giving ourselves that moment to breathe within the craziness of modern adulthood.

Childish is a printed publication and puzzle set that visually communicates the imagery I relate to kiwi childhood, from the places I have been, the toys I have played with, and the food I have eaten. All encapsulated in a time capsule/box that creates an immersive experience for the viewer. The project contributes to knowledge in the field of graphic design by sharing a history of memories through a nostalgic aesthetic. The relevance lies in its efforts to contribute to the challenges in our society of mental ill-health and stress-related conditions that we can identify as emerging adults. Through graphic design, this project will communicate a sense of togetherness through playful sharing, learning, and feeling joy, prompted by the pleasantly nostalgic kiwi childhood-inspired imagery.