Yan Wu


Bachelor of Design Design for manufacture Experience Design Furniture Human Centred Design Product Design Ecology and Sustainability Innovation Sustainability

A customizable clothes hanger that helps users better organize their clothes.

My project explores how a product can help people living in small areas organize their spaces. Through my observation, I found that the trend of small houses has become a social movement. People choose to reduce the space they live in, simplify their lives, and live with less money. So how a product can provide a better user experience by taking advantage of small housing spaces is particularly important.


The Clothesfer is a hanger that can be on both walls or the floor. It is set up with sections of different sizes and functions to match different space sizes and organize items. That provides users with customized product features that allow them to buy the right product for their needs.

The innovative design of the hanging clothes section is a section that the product has to mention. When the hooks are closed, users can hang a coat, mask, or handbag. Aim to make it easier for users to find clothes on hangers. The section also has a hidden metal rod. Open up the hanging rod, it can hang several clothes or hangers. Meanwhile, the base could be used to store socks or as shelves. The goal is to make it easier for users to organize their clothes.

The Clothesfer is made with two materials which are oak and aluminium. The Clothesfer could be made in a variety of colours, including different coloured timbers, as well as different coloured powder-coated steel. That makes the Clothesfer more versatile, as users can choose which colours suit their design style. It’s a multi-year sustainable product made of durable materials. It can be separated into small pieces so people can carry it around with them when they move.