Anita Parapunova


Bachelor of Design Identity Illustration Packaging Food Health and wellbeing

Sippin' Fun since 2021

Crew Teas is an Iced Tea brand developed and inspired by 1930's mascot style illustration. The project combines vibrant colours, illustration and playful use of type to create visual identity ties to popular Aotearoa drink brands already on the market.  Crew Teas is marketed as an alcohol alternative drink which hopes to tackle the harmful drinking rate of young adults in New Zealand.

As our health and lifestyle choices have been brought to the forefront of our minds over the past few years, this project is an exploration into how an alcohol alternative can have a powerful influence into Aotearoa’s harmful drinking culture. Targeted to young adults aged 18-24, those most influenced by drinking and peer pressure, ‘CrewTeas’ is an iced tea brand inspired by the mascot era of cartoon illustration of the 1930’s. The style works to evoke a sense of long standing familiarity and trust often seen in a range of quality New Zealand locally owned and grown products. The illustrative style also works to strongly personify and bring life to the flavours, allowing the branding to carry a story across multiple media platforms.This project works as a refined curation of a multitude of my passions and interests including packaging, illustration and unique branding. By expanding the market on strongly branded alcohol alternatives we open the opportunity for consumers to make more conscious decisions about their own relationship with drinking and alcohol.