Iskanda Wattanathorn


Bachelor of Design Editorial Illustration Print Design Zines Activism Urbanism World views

DaILy IssUEs: POsteR & NEwsPriNt

'Take it to the street' aka 'Daily Issues' is a project that promotes greater awareness of current events for the people of Auckland. It revolves around the importance of bringing attention to what is happening around us and the impact of news media. Scanning and choosing newspaper stories that have the most impact on the majority of the people, I selected articles to develop into a series of attention-grabbing posters for the street and as a collated publication in the form of a newspaper.

The BREAKING NEWS and CAPTIVATING HEADLINES seen in our traditional newspapers and online platforms capture a brief moment of our attention in a fast-paced world where our focus is selective. During my research journey, I noticed a persistent and recurring theme as to how news information is edited, packaged and represented on various news websites. Was I reading an honest, unbiased news article, or a shrill advertisement promoting a product?