Fiona Miranda


Bachelor of Design Experience Design Interior Design Digital Fabrication Health and wellbeing Material Imaginaries Narrative Place Public Surface Manipulation

The underground psychedelic experience

Hidden at the edge of Imperial Lane lies ‘Dazed,’ a sensory deprivation centre that runs deep under the urban city. Inside the centre lies floatation tanks that create an out-of-body experience for the user. They must enter several sections and rooms that drifts further away from reality into a realm of distorientation, before entering these tanks.

‘Dazed’ is a sensory deprivation centre tucked underneath Imperial Lane. The space targets individuals in the urban city who are looking for a quick state of relaxation and to alleviate the stresses and worries of society. Fort Lane is prevalent for its nightlife; people who exist along the strip search for an escape or euphoria-often consuming substances to intensify these experiences. Rather than enabling drug use, I produced a wellness centre that focuses on sensory deprivation inspired by the psychedelic subculture and ideologies. The designed space was inspired by the saying “turn on, tune in, drop out,” a phrase historically used to describe a psychedelic experience. The term ‘turn on’ is to activate. ‘Tune in’ means to interact harmoniously with the space around you. 'Drop out’ is the process of detachment from the world around us, embracing the state and experience that has led them to this. Using the atmospheric images and models I designed throughout the semester, I was inspired to apply these throughout the entire space. I consistently use repetition and patterns to create distorted materiality. Dazed strays away from conformity and tradition. It advocates a new form of escapism from themselves and the world around them without implementing substances.