Taesoo Kim


Bachelor of Design 3D animation Character Animation Moving Image Stylised Visual Effects Narrative Performance

“Defective” is an animated short film that follows the journey of hopeless toys that are designated as faulty products, but which overcome their defects to become brand-new toys. The character lacks recognisable facial features and is therefore a challenge to portray the distress of a toy determined as defective. The aesthetics involve a mixture of Bifrost liquid simulations, the 3D mesh editor, lighting, texturing, and 3D modelled characters to create depth of the story throughout the films.

"Defective" is a 3D short animation that does not rely on narration. Producing a 3D environment supported with simulated effects enables me to avoid narration while creating a storytelling animation. Although the animation and a few more details could have been refined further,  I am satisfied with the current result and hope to resolve this work and create more diverse animations in the future.

"Defective" contains two different characters based on the work I have achieved through Archive, a group of young people who gather to bring our creativity and ambition to the community. So far, we have opened two exhibitions of our work. My focus with Archive is to create a label of my own creativity and my first achievement has been done through traditional painting and film production. My next step for Archive involves sculpting the main characters in real-life, and these ideas have been the base of my project.