Staryo Warren

Dream Realm

Bachelor of Design Hand dying Practice led Tailoring Upcycling Womenswear Ethereality Narrative Reflections of self The past reimagined

Ephemeral Dreams

I kept finding dreams appearing in books like lost memories.

There is always a vague remembrance of the stories that took place during the night. A lingering thought, or a feeling. I find the fragmented memories and poetry of my dreams immensely inspiring. Through dream analysis, I am able to realize the ideas that lie deep within my imagination, creating a concept surrounding them.

My dreams have had a considerable impact on the design processes throughout this project, they have inspired the look and feel of each garment and have informed the methods used to create them.

This body of work focuses on craft and quality using foraging for fabrics and trims, eco printing, soft tailoring and experimental pattern cutting methods

The relationship between my dreams and palimpsest allowed for the exploration of historic and new ideas. As in my dreams, as time goes by the colour begins to fade, the garment becomes worn in, snagging, decaying. The memory of its original condition lingers. Something that once held such beauty is now old, beauty is now held in its memories and character.