Zoe Dewhurst


Bachelor of Design Web Urbanism

Dwell is a community-based organisation to inform and raise awareness of the effect Central Auckland unitary plans have on unprotected Victorian architecture. The Auckland housing crisis and housing intensification strategies mean that these classic homes are no longer deemed of special character and are subsequently being replaced and gentrified.

New Zealand's classic Kauri villas are being removed for unaffordable apartment developments with no historical substance and community deliberation. The Dwell platform is a way to explore the different options we could consider with our growing population - We can start to look at ways to incorporate these keystones for colonial living into our future.

Using analogue photographic collage from the previous semester, I produced an animated hover-over website prototype, where visitors can learn more about the issue and get involved. The zine is a way to physically access the information, with an added wayfinding aspect so travellers can find different sites of relevance on foot.