Bradleigh Good

Echo Communication

Bachelor of Design Product Design Health and wellbeing Innovation Performance Technology
AD21 Award
Outstanding Y3 Project
For excellence in Industrial Design

Construction Communication Device

In an ever-growing industry, communication in construction is essential to maintain efficiency and to create a safer working environment. Large hazardous construction sites and constant loud noise makes communication difficult between workers. Wireless communication headsets are expensive especially when supplying them to a full team who already have their personally chosen earmuffs. Echo is an affordable and adaptable smart communication system that turns any earmuff into a communication device. The use of a resonance speaker vibrates the earmuff shell allowing the construction worker to hear group or individual messages and communicate with co-workers while also protecting hearing. Accompanied by an app, Echo is a communication network that connects everyone together on every construction site and provides project management services to keep every project running on time, efficiently and safely.

Echo provides easy communication between workers and everyone on the construction site.  Secure on the earmuff it allows construction workers to turn their most comfy earmuffs into a smart communication device and music listening tool. Echo reduces injuries and improves health and safety response. Workers in remote locations can quickly notify nearby colleagues for assistance if injured. Voice notifications can be sent to everyone on site at once by site managers to keep tasks up to date and keep project timeframes on schedule. Echo reduces the confusion and wasted time spent finding people to talk to.