Lex Wayne


Bachelor of Design Character Animation Environmental Storytelling Game Design Puzzle Game Unreal Engine Post-Apocalyptic

The goal of this game is to present a fabricated yet realistic situation of war breaking out, The player takes on the role of a helpless kid being forced to escape and trying to survive. Because the theme is anti-violence, hitting back is not an option. The idea is to let the young people see that violence will eventually lead to a place where people from both sides will suffer.


This capstone project has been an incredible journey for me. I have learnt so much in terms of how to maintain my productivity under tremendous pressure, how to improve my time management skills and how to get the job done when there is something unforeseeable coming in my way, for instance, the level 4 national wide lockdown. The internship program, and this project both made me more confident to take on a more ambitious projects in the future. My dream of starting my very own indie game studios seems closer than ever.