Kaitlin Dedman

Everyday Unhappiness: Interlude

Bachelor of Visual Arts Moving Image Photography Documentary Performativity
Still from 'Why did Eddie tell me to make art in the Drive Thru?', Video, 9:49, 2021.
AD21 Award
Toipoto Big Idea and Auckland Art Gallery Award
For High Achievement

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My life is a series of bad drives and good ones. Freedoms and cages. The stinky air vents from a previous owner, yucky smoker, and the dangly air fresheners. The door handles that fall off. But the bright red UE boom; the unfolding bends ahead that are suddenly exuberant and my fifty zone feels like it’s in the sky. It’s all there, and I feel it all, all the time. I’m fraying at the seams and sticking it together with eyelash glue. The sparkly lip gloss and huge winged eyeliner conceal a much truer truth. Was it ever really okay, and am I ever going to be? You can ask the dislocated jaw that’s never fitted back to where it belongs. Or the nights where there’s no music on the drive home. I think it's hard to tell where the car starts and I stop. It has become an extension of me. There is no longer a vehicle, just the spaces that parallel reality; the times that feel more authentic, and the times that are performative. I am a slave to the fluctuating dominance of the good and the bad; the bad disguised as good and the good disguised as bad. Whatever it is, whenever, it is all the same. Hop in, we’ll go for a spin x