Taashi Sheers

Everywhere I Look I See You

Bachelor of Visual Arts Moving Image Photography Art & Technology Place
Still from Everywhere I look I See You, HD Video, 16mins 55sec, 2021
AD21 Award
Head of School Award
For outstanding academic performance in Visual Arts

Through the digital grafting together of trees, Everywhere I Look I See You investigates the interconnectivity of places. By interacting with this work and following subconscious trails, viewers are transported to another place and another moment. I am interested in how places can be accessed and remembered via other locations, along with how they shape perceptions of the world. This idea, that places are accessible through each other, fuels my practice. I have created virtual sculptures comprising two-dimensional photographs that I have inserted into natural environments, and the contrasting setting of my home.  This imagery blurs the lines between inside and outside and explores where and how nature creeps into human-made abodes.

Place. It’s how we navigate, how we orientate.  The planet, the world, ourselves.

And I find that some places never leave us despite time or distance. We carry them inside of ourselves, humming beneath our skin. From the moment we meet them, there is an immense sense of déjà vu. A feeling of belonging. Like a familiar face in the crowd.

Some of these places I resonate with, these places I miss, I can’t reach right now. Due to distance and a certain global pandemic.

But just because they are distant, it doesn’t mean they are far away.

Everywhere I look, I see them.

We often forget that the planet isn’t just made up of places. It is one place. Each and every location connected.

Through visiting locations close to home, I can bridge the gap, uniting near and far. Now and then.

I can explore the interconnectivity of places through similarities, memory, and trees, and as I work, as I blur the lines between places, I can build one place.

A hybrid space.

A place of places.

A forest of references.

So, to the places I met, until we meet again, this is how I will know you.