Keegan Hay

Fitme App Design

Bachelor of Design App Interaction Web Education Prototype User-centred

Streamlining the Process of Meeting Podiatry Requirements

In this current market state, meeting a person’s podiatry requirements is a fragmented process. People are forced to seek the help of a specialist or embark on their own research journey to find the right shoe. These basic systems are limited as many find themselves lost or overwhelmed in their search. I aim to find out if I am able to bridge the gap of uncertainty, by expanding upon these pre-existing systems, building an application that offers users a straightforward and direct way to get themselves into the perfect shoes.

This project enabled me to expand my knowledge and skillset of both user research and UI design. Experimenting with UI principles has allowed me to strengthen my design capabilities; boosting my confidence to create illustrations and animations.

For this project, we were tasked with creating a range of work that followed a singular focal point, or a varying perspective of a singular concept. When creating my body of work, we were instructed to set our own parameters and intentions for this project, as the only mandatory requirements were a fully developed prototype, a video, and a workbook.

My vision focuses on creating a simple and modern platform that will improve the health of active individuals by identifying their podiatry needs. This project was a personal goal due to my interest in the field of medical and interaction design.

The application was targeted towards users between the age of 18-50 years old, who may be new to the field, or experienced veterans aiming to speed up the process of finding their ideal shoe.

A large point of difference for the Fitme application is the ability to use LiDAR technology to scan and model a user’s foot to identify their podiatry requirements in a clear and direct manner. The Fitme application reschedules the traditional process of discovering a user’s podiatry needs, instead, creating a catered and self-directed experience for users to fit themselves by following their own podiatry guidelines.