Summer Zhai

Flow Space

Bachelor of Design Interior Design Food Public

The space I have designed in Imperial Lane includes a bar, where you can learn how to make coffee and a rest area where you can drink it.  I have created dazzling, shiny surfaces using reflective metal to produce a lot of highlights and attract people’s attention to encourage them to enter this space. The structure of the roof references flowing lines, while the overall shape of the design makes reference to sea level.

The cafe is one of my favourite places. I often go to Cafe on sunny afternoons. Because I enjoy talking with my friends on a leisurely afternoon, I have been planning to design an ideal cafe which is full of vitality and artistic atmosphere. In the project of this semester, we were asked to redesign the public space of Fort Lane which gave me the impression of a historic, dull and quiet street when I visited it for the first time. I was deeply attracted by the Imperial Lane Cafe whose overall style is very unique. From the materials and styles in the space, I can feel that it is a cafe with a long history. I have visited this Cafe many times, but every time I feel the dull atmosphere. I want to change the atmosphere of this space through my design. I will use some flowing lines to break the dull and calm feeling so as to make it a vibrant space. This will be a public space the design is inspired by water, which is also related to the historical background of the street.