Olivia Foster

Foster Family Dinner

Bachelor of Design Publication Food Storytelling

A memoir of why my father loves wine, food and storytelling.

Foster Family Dinner is a memoir of my Father, Hegman Foster. This printed publication shares his love of wine, food and storytelling through a dinner experience. The story is written through his eyes, exploring his passion for food and sharing his beloved recipes. The book guides the viewer through the Foster family dinner experience from the beginning of picking what is for dinner to the end of doing the dishes. The story helps discover the relation between taste and memories. The output of this project is two printed publications of 100 pages. The publication features illustration, photography and slick typography to showcase these ideas. The project’s idea then follows the second publication, “Future Family Dinner, “ which allows space for stories and recipes to be recorded for years to come. This publication uses three ideas to link together a significant idea of the importance of passing on information through generations.  Sitting around the dinner table can be nostalgic. This design project will hold memories for years to come and bring wine, food, and family lovers to follow its journey. I hope this project makes you think of your favourite dinnertime traditions.