Liam James McDowell

From Above

Bachelor of Design Compositing Documentary Visual Effects Documentary Narrative Science Fiction



Instagram: @liamscreationsnz

Looking back at the attack of 2020

From Above is a fictional narrative film that looks at the perspective of a civilian survivor in a recently war-torn enviroment. in 2020, aliens invade the city and we hear the retelling from John -who had to save his brother trapped within the city- 50 years after the attack.

For my final year capstone project, I was tasked with creating a piece of media centralised around visual effects. I wanted to tell a story that mixed both cinematography and 3D modelling/animation. We decided on creating a fictional documentary in order to have a storyteller that narrated the film from their own point of view. The character being interviewed within our film represents a civilian within a war. This was to show the unseen perspective of those who did not play a part in commencing war, but were forced into surviving it. The final film interviews our character 50 years after the attack as we learn both his past and experience of the event through VFX based footage and his narration.