Liam James McDowell

From Above

Bachelor of Design Visual Effects Documentary

From Above

From Above is a fictional documentary short film about an alien attack that happened in the year 2020. Unlike most alien films, we wanted to create a film that focused on the effect that our fictional event had on its characters by using a documentary-styled structure inspired by documentaries on non-fictional events integrated with visual effects. This project was created by both myself and Liam Roberts.

By using documentary-style filming we hoped to achieve a grated connection between our audience and our character being interviewed. These interviews were supported by 'found footage' of the event which contained our visual effects sequences merged into real-life locations.

We believed that using these techniques would help viewers have a much deeper understanding of 'Posttraumatic stress disorder' (PTSD) with direct character emotion in interviews and supporting footage from the fictional event using Visual effects to make our fictional scenes seem as realistic as possible.

These Visual effects scenes were achieved by using different software combined with footage from real-life. Syntheyes was used to track the footage and create 3D scenes, Maya was used for 3D modelling and animation, Houdini was used for simulation effects and compositing and sound design was completed in Adobe after effects and premier pro.