Georgia Beasley

Design Within the Detail: A spatial design enquiry into home, hapticity and memory

Master of Design Architectural Design Craft Experience Design Fictional Space Furniture Craft Narrative Place Surface Manipulation

Design Within the Detail explores the ways in which I dwell by mapping tacit rituals and experiences of my everyday living. A series of haptic cartographies of home underpins my spatial inquiry. Key to this investigation is the understanding that home is both a material and imaginary assemblage of memory, matter and event. The familiar notion of home is reconfigured through a series of material and surface experiments to reveal home as a temporal and material event-space.

Home, more than a physical spatial structure, is a feeling that resides within. We do not occupy home; home is what occupies us. The significance of this research is to locate home within a transitional phase of my life, where I have outgrown my family home, and at the same time I am inscribed by it. Can a feeling of home be lost? How is home inscribed materially in such a way that it is experientially relocatable? Design Within the Detail creates a threshold between the past and the present home in a work that is a collection and relocation of the intimate and familiar engagement I have with home and connects to an audience in a gallery space through vulnerability. An assemblage, a door frame compiled with etches, scrapes, stories and memories expressed through material details.

Design Within the Detail creates a sensory sequence that plays on the temporal aspect of a home and how delicate memories are. The way these memories of my past are represented through the different materials and assemblages of a common door-frame can be experienced differently through bodily senses to change our perception of ‘home.’