Julie Lu

Hara and her curly red hair

Bachelor of Design Graphic Novel Health and wellbeing Storytelling


A graphic novel.

Hara and her curly red hair is an illustrated graphic novel that emerged from witnessing hoarding around me. This story explores the hoarding desire every person has, and demystifies this special mental illness. Often when we hoard, the physical items are not what we hope to retain!

The main story revolves around a girl named Hara. She was having a blissful childhood until the relationship with her parents went downhill. She started witnessing many of her parent’s fights and all those fights lead to divorce eventually. The trauma and change that came in her life impacted her subtly. She slowly started to deny the change and downfall in her world. One way she did this was by collecting items that remind her of a happier time. Her house eventually became more and more crowded and her mental health seemingly dwelled uncontrollably.

This project aims to explore the unknown aspects of this issue in an interesting and light-hearted way. It covers the connections between the topic and myself and how the graphic novel—as my medium of choice, in further coverage.