Gemma Kwon

HAUMI- Joining all together

Bachelor of Design Architectural Design Experience Design Interior Design Care Community Ecology and Sustainability Health and wellbeing Public
Gemma Jiyeon Kwon (2021). Yoga studio digital drawing.
AD21 Award
Artichoke Award
For outstanding Interior Design

Rain is the vertical connector between the sky, urban city, land and the ocean. The rain transforms itself into a different water state and deeply engages with all spaces and living things. Developing a site-specific spatial project in Fort Lane, Auckland, the interaction of rain (nature) and existing stormwater way (human-made structure ) is a source of design inspiration. My design explores how rain can be incorporated into the spatial project to connect the structural division of interior (human living space) and exterior (natural environment) and ultimately enhance unity between humans and nature.

The project site is located in Queens arcade, a heritage building in Fort lane. The project transforms a series of retail stores into a therapeutic yoga studio with a tea lounge. The intervention provides a calm retreat space in a busy urban context. The design aims to embrace cleansing, essence and purification images of rain. The design opens up the existing windows towards Fort lane and creates a fluidity connection between interior and exterior space. Then it transforms rainwater into different forms of water and creates a diversity of visual, functional and atmospheric qualities. Artificially created layers of rain and fog aesthetically appeal as kinetic surfaces. Each surface plays an important role as a visually porous barrier between spaces.

Haumi means joining all together in te reo Māori. Co-working with cultural, historical and ecological contexts, my project aims to create a holistic connection between interior/exterior and human/nature. It shares the value of modes of sustainable living and invites the public to participate in its message.