Bianca Connell


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Heritage by Bianca Connell

Retelling stories, I have begun a conversation with my past. This body of work pays homage to my ancestors. The process of discovering has been an affecting experience, putting my life in perspective and giving me a sense of who I am, linking me to those that came before me.

My family have preserved one hundred years’ worth of photos, letters and stories from our ancestors who travelled the world and eventually made their way to New Zealand.

This body of work, a collection of womenswear, pays homage to the lives of my ancestors who travelled here from Scotland, Ireland, England, Belgium and Chile. The clothing holds their stories, encapsulating their personalities; every button, every stitch, each fabric choice, works to connect me to my heritage.

Preserved and newly discovered artefacts and articles were the starting point for the design. This work focuses on three tales of my ancestors, retelling those stories through embroidery, screen printing and design details.