Leah Van Wyk


Bachelor of Design Architectural Design Experience Design Interior Design Material Imaginaries Place Public

Re-imagining the urban void within Fort Lane.

Fort Lane is continually in motion. A service lane and thoroughfare to pedestrians and vehicles alike, there is rarely a moment of stillness in the laneway. However, amid the commotion lies an intermission. Still and ambiguous, the urban void (that is an unused, underused, or misused urban space) sandwiched between the Imperial Hotel (former) and Hotel Grand Windsor presents a gap within the urban fabric.

Intermission proposes to reclaim this in-between space, establishing its place within the laneway and providing a reprieve for pedestrians. The intervention embraces and expands upon the interstitial nature of the site through a material exploration of the void. Working in collaboration with the existing seeks to preserve the essence of the interstice and its material narratives while breathing new life into the space. Adopting the split configuration, below lies a deep, dark void, while above is an open, light void.