Kaela Camacho

Inang Kalikasan

Bachelor of Design Illustration Print Design Publication Ecology and Sustainability Health and wellbeing Storytelling

Mother Nature

Inang Kalikasan is a publication that encapsulates my attachment and connection to the natural environment. Organised within are three ecological segmentations Beach, Bush, and Horizon, arranged within the folds of an unconventional three fold concertina. The title of this body of work translates to ‘Mother Nature’ from my native language Tagalog.

My project, Inang Kalikasan, which translates to ‘Mother Nature’ from my native language Tagalog, includes bilingual text throughout. It is a 3-fold concertina publication that encapsulates my connection to the natural environment as I magnify Mother Nature’s beauty, her natural characteristics, the textures and patterns she has that are so intricately complex. Nature is made up of ‘Fractal Patterns’ and is a core focus of the visuals within, the term is defined as being never ending, repetitive and varying in scales epitomising a dynamic system. In studies these patterns are proven to have a correlation to reduce stress and provide stress relief in humans, as well as being aesthetically alluring.

The driving ideologies underpinning this work are ‘Ecotherapy’ and ‘Biophilia’ both informing the beneficial impact on all aspects of wellbeing and signifying the admirable physical construct of nature.

To know how this work came to be was from a phase of negative emotion in the early ideation stages, I thought of quick fixes to these feelings that society usually utilises today, but what about something innate and holistic, tapping into my subconscious mind and realising my pre-existing connection to nature and how I have always had positive emotional responses from my immersions within it, and as it has provided a natural remedy.

Looking at the bigger picture, we progress rapidly into modern times and further urbanisation, there is a disconnect and degradation that is happening to Mother Nature, thus a sense of dissatisfaction and stress affecting societies wellbeing. Through this approach of magnifying and celebrating nature’s characteristics, I aim to inspire readers to prescribe this proven potent elixir for themselves, Inang Kalikasan.