Megan France


Bachelor of Design Publication Typography Urbanism World views


How does this book make you feel? A little bit irregular?

Yes? Good! That is a the point.

As a designer, I have a strong, innate curiosity for how we, as humans perceive the world around us and how this can be controlled. Irregular, at its core, does exactly this. It is an investigation and an exploration into our emotional response to what is around us – the environment.

As humans we search for the edges of objects and to draw lines out of what we see to make sense of our world. Irregular explores this. Taking inspiration from forms in Tāmaki Makaurau, Irregular features geometric patterns, in combination with photography and typography, to change perspectives and evoke emotions, challenging our predisposed viewpoints of our world.

Manipulating our environments, regardless of whether it's natural or synthetic, large or small, can open our minds up to see aspects of our world in a new light evoking new emotional responses and to perceive the potential unseen beauty of our world.

Irregular calls upon you to feel something – no matter what it is and while it may not tell you how to feel, it encourages seeing the unseen and to think about what it is you are feeling and why.