Victoria Young


Bachelor of Design App Interaction Mobile Web Education Prototype User-centred

An app that would help keep track of your K-Pop Collection.

In 2017, I discovered the music genre K-Pop (Korean Pop) by pure coincidence on YouTube. From then, I've fallen into a rabbit hole, absorbing various knowledge of the Korean culture and the K-Pop community. So for my final project, I have chosen K-Pop as my interest.

Collecting K-Pop merchandise is a part of the fan experience, but it is an overwhelming experience when you are starting. On average, K-Pop Bands release new music three times a year ranging from an EP to a repackaged album. Within a K-Pop album, there are varieties of collectables, having a standard of the music cd, photobook and photo cards of the band members. Although K-Pop is well known and has become popular, there isn't a solution that a fan needs when starting a collection. As a UI/UX designer, I need to design a solution using the knowledge and skills I have learned from my previous papers.

For my capstone project, I had to apply the skills and knowledge from my previous papers to an area of personal interest and create a responsive design solution. So for this project, I explored collecting K-Pop (Korean Pop) merchandise. My main idea was to design an app that would assist and engage the user's interaction with their collection. It was relevant as there wasn't an official modern solution that my target audiences could use. I also wanted these aesthetically pleasing albums to have another purpose than being displayed on a shelf.

For this idea, I responded by using a minimalistic interface design that would assist the navigation of information and images. I designed a collage feature that would use favourited albums and photo cards without physically damaging the products. I also used technology features of image recognition and augmented reality that would assist the user's interaction.

My design is significant as I considered incorporating the aesthetic and purpose of these collections. As a person who listens and own albums of this music genre, I wanted the products to have further use and design an app that would give a more surreal experience between a fan and their favourite artist's album.