Alex Hesketh

Ka-bucha !

Bachelor of Design Experience Design Infographics Interaction Packaging Web Health and wellbeing

A branding project about health messaging in alcoholic branding

My branding project Ka-bucha elaborates on my perspective of being a health-conscious experiencer of alcohol. The origin of this particular value stems from my encounter with Glandular Fever at age 18. At this time my doctor had advised me that I shouldn't drink for 6 months and although I aimed to abide this, I wanted to have memorable and fun experiences at the ending period of high school. In hindsight this was extremely naive but my health-conscious decision of drinking red wine for its antioxidant benefits resulted positively. After my recovery I have further explored and experienced alcoholic beverages for their health-messaging or nutritional benefits. Rather than grabbing a beer, I cater to my health-conscious mindset by going for organic wines, seltzers and recently alcoholic kombucha.

Through branded collateral such as can packaging and a promotional website, the Ka-bucha identity acts as a framework for authentic transparency and health-messaging in alcohol. This can be evidenced through copywriting and an infographic on the can's design, then further elaborated through a QR code that links to a promotional website. Additionally the accessibility for Ka-bucha's package design is available online for consumers to analyse - this is crucial during the Covid-19 lockdown as it nullifies the option to physically pick the beverage up in-store.

Ka-bucha aims to magnify not only the rise of the health conscious consumer but also how alcoholic kombucha is a healthier option than common New Zealand alcohol. In recent years there has been an influx of popularity for the rise of Seltzers and Organic Wines. These alcoholic beverages are prized for their lower carbohydrate and sugar ingredients which can provide consumers with a lighter drinking experience. Alcoholic kombucha (sometimes known as hard 'booch) follows these nutritional benefits while also yielding beneficial probiotic bacteria. These probiotics can enhance microbes in the gut giving the body more chance of fighting bad bacteria such as pathogens. Although alcohol cannot be healthy - during a time like Covid-19 lockdown it is important to consider healthier options that aren't beer or RTD's