Max Crawford

Kiwifruit, connecting students and studios across Aotearoa

Bachelor of Design Web User-centred

AD21 Award
Adobe Creative Award
For Creative use of Software

Helping university graduates break into the industry by providing opportunities and fostering connections

Bouncing from one job hunting site to the next is now a thing of the past, students looking for their first job in the creative industry can simply use Kiwifruit. Kiwifruit is an all in one platform that connects graduate students to studios looking for new hires. Kiwifruit makes finding that new junior position, new hire, easier than ever.

Approaching the end of my studies made me begin to think about what the next step in my design journey is? The obvious next step was getting my first design job. This proved to be a daunting task with many nights spent browsing numerous job websites trawling through inaccurate search results and leaping from one site to the next, I knew there had to be a better way. My project explored the concept of a service built specifically for graduates in the creative industries. A tool/service that would help connect them to creative studios all across Aotearoa, providing connections and graduate specific job opportunities. Core to the concept (Kiwifruit) was creating a service that both served students and studios, allowing both sides to hunt for jobs and vice versa find potential hires. Giving graduates a tool that helps them find entry-level/junior positions and giving studios the ability to make the first move and browse through the talented pool of students that graduate each year. The design aimed to make leaving university a less daunting task by utilising templates and a guided user experience. Helping students transition from university life into the industry.