Michael Lack


Bachelor of Design Compositing


A Flourishing VFX Based Music Video by Michael Lack

Oasis is a Music Video that utilizes visual effects to push a nostalgic summery aesthetic. This aesthetic is intended to generate positive emotions within the audience. A specific emotion can give way to underlying feelings and memories that the viewer holds close to their heart, and so, my aim is to enhance these feelings through the power of music combined with VFX.

In the development of Oasis, I wanted to seamlessly blend my two passions: Music and Visual Effects. This is something I had wanted to do since the very start of my journey at AUT! This brought me to create my very own VFX based music video. Contextually, my aim was to utilize Visual Effects to enhance the emotional impact of my Music Video, and to transport the viewer into their own little Oasis. In order to do so, I formulated my own tropical, home-influenced aesthetic and implemented this aesthetic throughout the production of this project in hope that it would bring out a bunch of positive underlying feelings within the viewer. I also created the soundtrack for the Music Video to match this aesthetic and provoke a wholesome vibe. Within this Music Video, you can observe an array of unique flowers, landscapes and visual effects, such as the flourishing flower visualizer at the conclusion. I hope that you (the viewer) can watch Oasis and find your own oasis within yourself!