Supalinee Klongtrong

Leaving Space

Bachelor of Design 3D animation Character Animation Compositing Environmental Storytelling Unreal Engine Visual Effects Narrative

Leaving Space, a stylised vfx short film

The title "Leaving Space" has a double meaning in the sense that it is the literal narrative of the film while it also means, leaving space in order to to have room for self discovery and development.

This is my 3rd year VFX capstone project. The narrative of a lonely astronaut overcoming her loneliness and yearning to go back home is told through the colour and lighting techniques within the project. The story-telling techniques in the film were derived from my research question “How can complimentary and contrasting colours as well as saturation in lighting be used as a narrative tool to evoke the feelings of grief and acceptance?”

Leaving Space is a 3D short film made using Maya, Unreal Engine, MetaHumans, and Zbrush. The film investigates the ideas of grief and acceptance that one goes through and how that journey can be told in a cinematically creative way. I discovered the method of colour scripting and how the tones in a sequence can tell a story. I took advantage of that idea and applied it to my project by starting with really cool blue tones and switching to warmer tones when the main protagonist achieves the goal of accepting her reality. Since there is no dialogue in the film, it mainly focuses on the use of lighting, shadows, colour and motifs. The reason why I chose to not have dialogue in the film is to challenge myself into using different forms of expressions to direct the emotion in my film as well as doing research to improve my creative skills as a visual fx artist.