Naoto Shibata

Light and Shadow

Bachelor of Design Menswear Culture Gender

Life and Death.

We live with the inevitability of death while simultaneously being oblivious to when it will occur. It can cause us to ponder what it means to be alive, that we are living for the one day our life will eventually end.

By intuition, we strive to make indelible marks and to create the optimum experience of life, yet the fear of death is hard-wired into our nervous systems, so we remain entirely in our comfort zone. Some of us will reach an optimum experience, for the more cautious, this may not be the case. In some ways, people are scared of life more so than death.

The death of a loved one can unconsciously leave us with the simple yet breathing colours of “black” and “white”. Despite this simple analogy, I am able to see the kaleidoscope effect of the world via the art of fashion design. This is my podium to stand on, a place to find my voice, a place where my Japanese roots and lived experiences are woven into the notion of clothing. A place where I can mourn the death of a loved one.