Wenjia Xi

Lost In China

Bachelor of Design Packaging Digital Fabrication


LOST IN CHINA Ethnic Series Doll Series one
LOST IN CHINA mainly for the promotion of Chinese ethnic minorities and the design of the same cute mascot figurines designs, LOST IN CHINA series figurines, modern cartoon images inspired by 56 Chinses national costumes.

Promote traditional culture through the way of young people, so that young people like and understand traditional Chinese culture. This is a figurine that can be used for collection, and it can also be used to collect figurines to learn about traditional culture.

Lost in China is a personal brand original design. The 56 national series is the first series of products to be withdrawn. This brand is mainly established on the basis of promoting Chinese national culture. It is also an ongoing project. The three products launched this time are figurines of the three major ethnic groups in China. While collecting products as an interest, you can also learn about the ethnic culture in the package and the small book inside of the package.

The highlight of the entire product is to use a modern way to promote traditional culture and let more young people understand and know their own national costumes and culture.

Lost in China has two different meanings. One of the main meanings of Lost in China is to lose one's way in China, as it is so big that people will get lost. The other is to lose one's culture. In this title, I will explore traditional Chinese culture, as well as the culture and costumes of different nationalities. This will be a series of products, with modern, modern, and simple illustration styles that will attract the attention of young people.