Raymund Santos


Bachelor of Design Editorial Illustration Publication Activism Diversity Education


An exploration on disparaged socio-cultural issues in the Philippines

Empirical evidence illustrates how disregarded social and cultural issues in the Philippines perpetuate division and discrimination against marginalised communities such as the LGBTQIA+, the urban poor, and individuals who deviate from streamlined beauty standards. The publication Maharlika is a proposed design solution that engages cultural dissonance and the experiences of marginalised Filipinos to start constructive dialogues and progress within these communities.

My project dedicates to unearthing disregarded and disparaged social and cultural issues that challenges the Philippines. The cultural habit of apathy towards the resolve of socio-cultural issues in the Philippines is a communal hurdle that paralyses progression especially of the minorities and under privileged groups. Maharlika is a publication with a mission that seeks to faithfully archive stories and experiences of the marginalised. Its core is to champion diversity, inclusivity, and cultural identity with a purpose to educate audiences in galvanising shifts in perspectives to foster a more progressive community for the Philippines.

Maharlika’s editorial magazine-style is a significant aspect of the project as it purposefully pedestals and exalts the represented people, which then hopes to bring a sense of relevance and gravity to their contributed stories. The publication features carefully curated photographs, illustrations, and collages as devices that aims to be thought-provoking or may even be polarising to some. Ultimately, the project functions as an informational publication that uplifts the voices of the unheard and simultaneously championing cultural understanding for the Filipino people.