Longheng Tan

Makara - Body lotion

Bachelor of Design 3D animation Motion Graphics Moving Image Stylised Video Visual Effects Abstract
AD21 Award
Adobe Creative Award
For creative use of Software

Makara is a made-up body lotion company.

For my capstone project, I wanted to create an abstract-looking advertisement by using many simulations and color combinations to evoke my viewers' emotional responses when they engage with my capstone. I achieved this through 3D animation to create a visually pleasing commercial.


I have a strong passion for 2D illustrations, and I have always wanted to incorporate this style into my capstone. My capstone project Makara is a VFX-based abstract-looking advertisement that features a bright, colorful aesthetic. Makara is heavily inspired by a minimalistic world, 2D architecture illustrations, and beautiful clouds. My goal for bringing Makara to life is to create an unrealistic world by using fascinating and colorful elements such as floating liquid, floating cloths, floating geometric shapes, and clouds. The idea of combining these designs into my capstone is to make the product stand out without over-accessorized the scenes to make it look pleasant and luxurious.