Sinead McKeefry

Many More Moments

Bachelor of Design Craft Illustration Motion Photography Web Commerce Design history Narrative Storytelling Sustainability


Many More Moments explores the stories our clothes carry and why should be kept, treasured and transformed.

Restoration Closet is a clothing repair and alterations business on a mission to challenge the beliefs that drive the fast fashion industry. The Many More Moments campaign has been created for Restoration Closet, telling the stories behind clothing with the purpose of advocating for Restoration Closet’s mission.

The stories of clothing is an uplifting narrative as opposed to using guilt and shame to change behaviours towards fast fashion. These stories capture the unifying spirit of the moment and stand the test of time in our memories and imaginations. Many More Moments romanticises the evolving narrative that these unique pieces of history can have, liberating these garments from the trend cycle.

Many More Moments flaunts the imaginative transformations undertaken by Restoration Closet, showcasing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ versions where outdated garments are made wearable today.

The context of the campaign draws upon the modern history of fashion and the contexts of the times. Artists such as Georges Lepape and Eduardo Benito were just as relevant as the stories of fashion designers like Coco Chanel and Dior.

Animation became a pivotal method in the videos to transport the viewer to another time and create a whimsical narrative that immerses them.