Marama Godfrey


Bachelor of Design Publication Te Ao Maori
Marama Godfrey (2021). MARAMA Page Spreads
AD21 Award
Toi Maia Award
For artistic, cultural and academic merit

The journey of finding my Māori identity

Many thanks to Wehi Wehi Marae and the Godfrey family, without their support this project would never have been able to be completed in guiding me towards my whakapapa.

Arohanui ki a koutou katoa

‘Marama’ was created to allow people who were struggling with their own journey of finding identity, to feel reassured through another's story. Creating a piece particularly for Māori in the hopes of inspiring them to embrace their whakapapa, despite the colour of their skin. Identity is a large aspect of life, giving purpose to one's being, so, was the intended theme behind the publication. This contemporary publication features detailed pattern work alongside the poetry of the designer’s journey to identity. Explaining stories from childhood to an adult, it explores the issues surrounding being a ‘white Māori’ and wanting to reconnect with whakapapa. For any person unsure on their journey to identity, this publication can be used as guidance and reassurance that the journey can be completed in time. With minimal colour and typefaces, the patterns are able to engage the reader to continue through the publication, ending with a found Māori identity of the designer.