Jaimee Burk


Bachelor of Design 3D animation Character Animation Environmental Storytelling Motion Capture Moving Image Visual Effects Ecology and Sustainability Narrative Performance Science Fiction
AD21 Award
Animation Team Project Award
For outstanding achievement in an Animation team project

‘Mellow’ is a reference to the protagonist Holly’s personality. It also a homophone of the flower / weed ‘Mallow’, which is seen being eaten in the opening of the film.

"Mellow" tells the story of an anxious young researcher named Holly who breaks away from her reliance on external authority. Holly finds her own self-confidence after she is required to kill a lizard-like creature that supposedly threatens the bird-like creatures she is tasked to research.

This project was created by Sarah Johnston and me (Jaimee Burk).


As there are two unique creatures featured in our film, Sarah Johnston and I each took responsibility for one of them. We designed them together and then individually took them through the rest of the animation pipeline. We each had our own challenging component to incorporate.

For Sarah, it was the feather simulation and rigging of the bird creature. The feather simulation was produced through a simulation of many fine hairs. My component was the muscle simulation on the lizard-creature through the use of the software Ziva Dynamics.This type of rigging and simulation are definitely things I would like to continue learning in the future.